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This is Deanna

LOVE WHAT YOU DO & WHO YOU ARE WITH. Deanna loves what she does and the people she works with. A team-builder along the lines of Red Auerbach, she seeks clever people with great ideas and puts them in the same room.  The result is always bigger ideas, a successful team and happy clients. She is also partial to wearing toques, flip flops and jean jackets. Just saying.

This is Kim

COOL. Cool composure, chill lifestyle, kick-ass ideas.  Kim is one cool collective designer that believes in simplicity. Having the freedom to work from anywhere gives Kim the ability to always find inspiration. Drinking cold teas, enjoying the occasional carrot cake slice and wearing flip flops isn’t bad for inspiration either.

This is Kristine

ENTREPRENEURIAL & CLEVER. Embrace new opportunities and kick ass at them.  Kristine has no problem with taking a challenge head-on and making it look easy. She herself is a business owner and has worked hard at learning everything she can about the digital world. Kristine handles all of our digital communications and we are pretty happy about her attitude towards our clients. See the challenge and conquer it – Don’t Ever Sink.

This is Jimmy

WHAT’S NEXT? Growing up this was a question that Jimmy asked often as he grew up in a military family and moved often. With Tag, he has the ability to ask the same question. Organized. Experienced. Adventurous – And repeat.

what we do

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Brand Development

What makes a brand great? It is when someone can connect with it, when individuals understand the true character of it. A brand will speak to you – it’s your voice! We love connecting you to your brand. Let us tag along with you and help you discover  your brand.

Website Development

Tag’s website development strategy focuses on strong content, attractive visuals (that aren’t stock photos) and visible CoA’s (Call of Action) to ensure your website does not become a stagnate communication tool. Let us help tag you in the online world!


What’s your end goal? This question is asked in every client consultation when we are determining the appropriate avenues for communicating.  One is not necessarily better than the other.  Your audience, budget, and end goal are important factors we consider when looking at what your advertising strategy should look like.

client samples

like what you see?

Medicine Hat Brewing Co.

“We are opening a brewery and we have 21 days to come up with a name.  Can you help us?” Medicine Hat Brewing Company was a client we were thrilled to work with – we had a challenge in front of us, but we were willing to accept it.  We did some quick research and found there was a brewery in Medicine Hat in 1912.  Knowing this, it connected us to elements the client hoped for which was an old world feel with a modern twist. Things just got better from there. We developed all of the branding for this company and had the good fortune of doing all the communications for them in their first year.

Brandi Droeske

Brandi Droeske has been in the mortgage industry since 2002. In 2017 she connected with Tag wondering if we could assist her with some marketing needs. Brandi is experienced, has a refreshing personality, and shows a genuine kindness to everyone in her presence. We wanted her brand to reflect her personality and also work well with the main target market she wanted to connect with. This brand is unique and is perfect for Brandi.

Deerview Meats

Tag worked with Perry & Chris Deering to develop out a new brand.  Deerview had changed a lot from its inception and we wanted to provide them a look and feel that helped to promote everything that they do at their location. With a bit of a western theme, to fit their country feel, we captured some amazing photos of their product and team and developed out a new logo, menu cards, meat wagon design, and more. Deerview Meats now has a look that fits with what they do, and all of this was designed by a vegetarian (she’s just that damn good).

Jules + Stellan Medispa

Rachelle Grisak of Jules + Stellan reached out to Dee at Tag in December 2017. She was opening a Medispa and was hopeful that our team could assist her. Rachelle would be what Dee would consider a “dream client” allowing the Tag team to be fully engaged in all things related to marketing. Our team offered some business consulting, selected the name, created the brand, built the website, designed the interior and managed all of the communications to kick-start their brand. We have truly enjoyed being a part of this start-up and wish Rachelle and her team years of success.

Medicine Hat Early Childhood Coalition

The Medicine Hat Childhood Coalition was referred to our Tag Team to help them with some marketing materials.  They had already come up with a concept to work with some specific terms but they weren’t sure how they wanted to promote it in the community.  Our Senior Designer came up with a beautiful look for four different banners which we then expanded into postcards with more details for parents to review. We now feel that the Childhood Coalition has the tools to clearly communicate what they do, and have the ability to expand on this campaign.

Prairie Sprinter

Tag had the good fortune of meeting the team from Prairie Sprinter. They were looking for promotional materials to provide Travel Alberta who helps promote this wonderful business in Southern Alberta. We appreciated the team’s interest in doing things just a little bit differently and having fun with their printed materials. We decided to build an “old school” map to showcase the various locations they travel to. This seemed very appropriate given their industry. We were very pleased with how the whole project came together and truly appreciate the Prairie Sprinter team trusting in our abilities.

Torrey Mattson - The Home Team

The Home Team approached Tag with a creative opportunity to be involved in their client gifts.  The Tag Team did a unique photo shoot within the community of Medicine Hat to capture a different perspective of some of our cities iconic locations. The Tag team was involved in the sales centre design of Torrey’s new space on 2nd Street which provides his clients a comfortable setting when making one of the major purchase decisions of one’s lifetime. One thing always leads to another and we are now happy to be an extension of Torrey’s team when he requires various services related to graphic design.

Medicine Hat Public School Division

Tag had the good fortune of being referred to the Medicine Hat  Public School Division (MHPSD) to assist them with their social media presence. The organization was not present on any of the social media platforms and they recognized that in 2017, in was definitely time to find new ways to communicate with students, parents, and the community. Deanna worked with the MHPSD team to develop a policy and guidelines for the communications team to abide to. She then provided multiple training sessions to the team and provided monthly coaching. Deanna truly enjoyed working with this team and is proud of her “students” at MHPSD.

Trevor Moore Inc.

We believe the first point of contact went something like this “So Dee, I want to create a new video, here’s my idea….” and from there the conversation developed out to a point that a phone call was placed later that night and Trevor said “You’ve really made my skin crawl Dee, but in a great way!” That video conversation led us into a bigger picture conversation and a new brand was born.   Trevor & Selena have told us his work load has been cut back significantly by having this unified brand, rather than multiple businesses that were marketing separately. So happy we “made your skin crawl”, we love your new look Trev.


Sheen’ism approached Tag with a creative opportunity to be involved in building her a brand.  The Tag Team sat down with Sheena (the owner) and really took into account who she is both as an individual but also as a talented photographer. We realized that Sheen’ism is truly an “ism” – we decided to define the word.  The used botanical images that reflect what you use to see in older dictionaries, but it also reflects the energy you feel from Sheena when she works with her clients.  We thoroughly enjoyed building this brand.

Red Velvet Hair & Body Bar

Tag worked with Kole Van Maarion of Red Velvet Hair & Body Bar to build a new brand for her business. Our team wanted to ensure her new look reflected her professionalism, her fun personality, and her creative spirit. We built Red Velvet’s new brand, development of branded pieces, and updated her social media banners.  We even got to see her new look on a chuck wagon at the stampede grounds – how cool is that!

Jayne Halladay

Tag worked with Jayne to develop a new brand when  Jayne made a career switch and became a Mortgage Broker in December 2016. Jayne knew she wanted to stand out from her colleagues and have something that reflected her experience in business and community engagement. We decided to offer Jayne a brand that reflected her style and connected with a younger demographic.  We set up a special photo shoot that offered us the ability to capture various poses and looks ensuring that Jayne never looked “posed” but rather “poised”.

Morrison Movement Therapy

Tag worked with Greg Morrison of Morrison Movement Therapy (previously Morrison Health & Soft Tissue) to build a new brand for his business. Our team wanted to ensure his name and brand allowed him to grow, as his industry continues to evolve and change, and we didn’t want to restrict him in what we developed. We built Morrison Movement’s new brand, development of branded pieces.  We also threw in a fun little advertising opportunity during his presentation, but we’ll let you ask him about that!

Remax Medalta Real Estate

We connected with Remax Medalta Real Estate when they were looking to do something different for their advertising campaign in the community.  They had an idea with a domain RemaxSells and we got excited about the opportunities with that.  We suggested the best approach for the campaign they were considering was to feature their great team of Realtors. We set up a photo shoot with Sheena and created a campaign that was consistent to Remax but featured different Realtors.  The campaign features billboards throughout the city with different Realtors. #RemaxSells

Red Rock Union

Red Rock Union (formally Elevation Obstacle Races) approached us in 2016 to help them with marketing their events. During the client consult, we started to see opportunities with their events but also restrictions with their existing branding.  Together, the Tag Team and the RRU team decided to rebrand the group and build out on the elements that  make their event unique. We assisted the team with a completely new brand, new website, social media development and sponsorship strategy. Union Starts with “U”.

Michael Dolan - Courtyard Law

Michael Dolan decided to work with the Tag Team back in 2015 when he made the move to Courtyard Law. Michael required some assistance to communicate the move to Courtyard, and also wanted to create some marketing materials that he could utilize for various presentations he made. We kept things simple and clean for Michael and enjoyed the ability to work with him.


Stringtech (formally known as Complete Office Systems) approached Tag during the spring of 2016 in regards to ways to refresh their brand.  They had just moved into a new space and were expanding their services into different areas of business. Tag went through selecting a new name, building a new brand, helping develop a social media strategy for the team, designed new signage and organized and implemented the launch party. We love the new look and so does the client – be sure to check them out for your technology needs!

Schlenker Group

Working with the Schlenker Group was a riot for us. This is a team that has worked together for a number of years and we appreciated the ability to be brought into their fold. It was important for us to create a brand that worked for both Wayne and Mickey (as there is a slight age difference). We are pleased to have accomplished a look that satisfied the entire team. We love getting notes from this team for assistance here and there, the Schlenker Group is a great team.

Bar Diamond Guest Ranch

Tag worked with the Ranch and Travel Alberta’s experience development team to write copy, design the website, design the logo and photograph this remote, century-old ranch. Their goal is to attract international tourism business. We help by providing compelling images and copy that complement Travel Alberta’s brand strategy ‘Remember to Breathe.’ Bar Diamond is certainly a place you can breathe. With no cell phone coverage and remote badlands views, it is a perfect place to unwind.

BGSA Radiology

BGSA Radiology (Formerly known as Blair Gripp Stubbs & Associates) approached Tag wanting our assistance to market their new MRI Machine. We knew this was a challenge we would happily accept, but first we suggested we update their brand to bring them into 2016.  They agreed and we couldn’t be happier with the full results. Having a brand that is clean and modern helps this ad campaign stand out on various billboards and bus benches throughout the Hat.

Laura Snyder

Laura Snyder, a Realtor with Better Homes & Gardens, reached out to us in regards to her website. She wanted a website that allowed her to make edits as necessary to give her more flexibility with her busy real estate career. We analyzed her brand and brainstormed on how we could incorporate what had been developed with another company into her new website. What she has now is a website that connects her to the homes she sells, the neighbourhoods within our beautiful city, and the community she engages with. We are very pleased with the outcome of her website.

big magic

our guiding principles


Our team needs to have the courage to  speak up, to get excited about an idea, and to know that other team members won’t discount their thoughts or ideas but build on them instead.


Our team needs to embrace the fairy tale attitude and ask the question “What If?”.  The concept of enchantment is not “your head is in the clouds” but  rather “if we dream it, we could build it!”


The key to our success is to give one another permission to express ideas.  This allows us to be excited about something, and share it with a team member which will always create bigger ideas.


We won’t give up on an idea when we have the feeling there’s something down that path.  We need to be persistent and keep building on the concept.  No one will ever discount the statement “Perhaps we should go down this road.”


No good can come out of a team that doesn’t trust one another.  Our team knows that working together is mutually beneficial because things always get stronger when we work together.  Trusting one another and what we do together is necessary 100% of the time.

Tag - Big Magic

Our guiding principles came from the book Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert.  We believe that these principles truly allow us to be a creative team that lives beyond fear.  We ask our clients to embody the same principles when they work with us.

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