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COVID-19 changes the landscape at tag concepts | marketing agency in Medicine Hat, Alberta but some things remain the same.

COVID-19 has hit our business community hard and our team is focused now, more than ever, in providing clients with what they need. We encourage you to reach out to us for a free ZOOM client consult. We can discuss what you do, what you are currently doing during this crisis, and determine what your marketing needs may be to assist you through this. Our team wants to see everyone come out of this circumstance stronger and more connected. We are doing what we can to assist with marketing needs.

What tag marketing does

What does a marketing team of six do for our clients? We assist clients in a way that their brand gets noticed. We help clients tie their marketing efforts together so that their marketing tactics aren't fragmented. We help our clients take their marketing beyond the brand.

Tag Marketing is a full-service marketing agency located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Do you wonder what we do? It's hard to list it all in full detail but we note a few things below. In addition to the items listed, you can contact us if you require a strategy for lead generation, podcasts, brand development, social media training and small business consulting. To learn about the marketing efforts we can do for you, contact our team today.

Brand Development

Brand & Logo Design

What makes a brand something great? When it's authentic to you. Our Senior Designer builds out our concepts after brainstorming with our team on how to achieve client objectives. We love presenting these concepts and introducing you to your future self!

Digital Realm

Marketing & Communications

Lead Generation. What we do has to lead to the outcome you want which is typically more sales. Your audience, budget, and end goal are important factors we consider when looking at what your digital needs are to help you achieve leads. Social Media Management, SEO, Content Creation. Our team is here to help.



tag works on developing podcast strategies. Developing out a podcast series takes a solid strategy and we don't skip any steps. Podcasts can assist you with sharing stories and educating audiences but more importantly, they can be just one aspect of your communication strategy. When we develop podcasts for clients we also work on gathering video content and building out blog content at the same time. Let's discuss if a podcast is the right fit for you.

Our Guiding Principles - what we value most with our client relationships at tag.

The book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert helped us develop our core values for our marketing agency located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. In the book, there is an excerpt that says "If money were the only thing people needed in order to live creative lives, then the mega-rich would be the most imaginative, generative and original thinkers among us, and they simply are not. The essential ingredients for creativity remain exactly the same for everybody: courage, enchantment, permission, persistence and trust - and those elements are universally accessible. Which does not mean that creative living is always easy, it merely means that creative living is always possible"



Our tag team needs to have the courage to speak up, to get excited about a marketing idea, and to know other team members won’t discount their thoughts but build on them instead.



tag embraces the “fairy tale attitude.” We start with the question “What If?”  The concept of enchantment builds on “If we dream it, we can build it!” and in the marketing world, this attitude is key to stand out.



The key to our tag team’s success is to give one another permission to express ideas. This allows us to be excited about something, and share it with a tag marketing team member which creates bigger ideas.



Tag Marketing team members won’t give up on an idea when we have the feeling there’s something down that path.  We need to be patient and persistent and keep building on the concept.



No good comes out of a team that doesn’t trust one another.  Our team knows that working together is mutually beneficial because things always get stronger when we collaborate on marketing strategies.

Big Magic

Tag - Big Magic

tag’s guiding principles came from the book Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert.  We believe these principles allow us to be a creative team that lives beyond fear with our marketing clients.

Client Samples

Spend some time exploring our brand and marketing portfolio. The clients you see here have worked with us on branding, website design, communication strategies, social media management and more. We feel like we are an essential part of their business and we are happy to have helped them in their small business journey.

Hire a Professional Marketing Team from Medicine Hat

Marketing is not a side of the desk job. Our team at tag in Medicine Hat, Alberta is experienced and equipped to help you navigate the various facets of the marketing industry. Things in our industry change almost daily and we focus on educating ourselves to stay ahead of the latest trends out there. We know the value we bring to our client's business and we treat each of our clients business as if it were our own making it a true partnership.