Where does a name come from? The other day we had someone ask us how we came up with the name tag.

tag was something that just felt right. It wasn’t a name that was selected in the same manner we select our client’s names.

As a tag on a shirt describes the fine details of a garment, we work as a team to look at all the fine details of our client’s companies prior to making any suggestions on what they may require. Our team goes beyond the brand and works on details that many companies similar to ours don’t pay attention to.

We have a special story for every client we created a new name and brand for. The names are always unique to their industry, team, and culture. We also focus on a name that will be “marketable” to the audience our client is trying to connect with.

The memories of coming up with all the names we have created are so sweet. We have spent hours on some; writing words on whiteboards, connecting words with coloured sticky notes and doodling images in notebooks. A few we have nailed within the first 5 minutes, having our “ah-ha” moment before the entire team had a chance to open up their books (not that it was a race or anything). But every name has a story, and the names have served our clients well which we are proud of.

What’s in a name? Typically a whole heck of a lot – just ask us about some of our favourite branding stories and we will happily share how we got there.