This is a guest post from one of our clients, Robyn Emms of Shine Esthetics Studio:

Last fall, I decided to take a leap and leave my job of 10 years (14 in the industry) and go back to school to be able to open up a home based business and be more available for my family. I had doubt, unanswered questions, a loss of steady income, and mainly a worry of

“Did I make the right choice?”

That’s where Dee with Tag came in. I approached her with wanting help with designing a brand. I knew how I wanted to come across as but didn’t know how to put it into words. Having known Dee for many years, I knew I’d be in good hands. She came over to my home, and we chatted about my vision. She took notes, observed the dynamics in my house, listened to what I had to say, asked questions, and gave input where it was needed.

Initially, I thought I was going to get a well-designed business card and name for my business. What I got was so much more. From thinking of a name, designing a brand for Shine to setting up all of my social media platforms, designing my referral cards, gift certificates, door knockers and other forms of advertising. All of these things have helped my business grow, and I’m so grateful for the suggestions and ideas I received.

I look forward to working with Dee in the future and highly recommend Tag to anyone needing branding for their business. I feel like my experience was a personal one, and because of that, I have a brand that I am proud of. A  brand that is so very me, and so very Shine.