From the beginning, tag created way more than I ever anticipated. They produced much more than a logo and a website; they created an entire brand for me to live.

As an entrepreneur with a new business, being found by potential clients is the key to future success. Deanna and her team asked all the right questions and provided a roadmap to take my business to the level. tag has been instrumental in guiding me, defining my goals and turning my passion into a reality.

Initially, when I sat down with Dee, I had a picture in mind of where I wanted to go. She quickly turned my world upside down. She listened to what I wanted to do, but she also connected to who I was and my roots. She asked if I trusted her and I left it in her team’s capable hands to come up with something.

The look of Jules + Stellan was so incredibly me and yet it wasn’t what I had initially asked for (thank goodness).

Dee also helped me recognize the importance of building out budgets. She gave me a good idea of what I needed to do to ensure I would start my business off on the right foot. She helped me find the perfect location to start Jules + Stellan, and it had space to grow.

I laugh when I hear Deanna say “I don’t give people what they want, I give them what they truly need” because this is what we’ve experienced with her. We told her what we wanted, and she took it to a level above and beyond what we expected.

Our team appreciates their continued support and highly recommend tag for anyone wanting to take their business to a whole new level — much appreciation to Deanna and her team.

This Guest Post is from Rachelle Grisak, Owner of Jules + Stellan Medispa.