It takes a village to raise a child is an African proverb which means that it takes an entire community of different people interacting with children for a child to experience and grow in a safe environment. The villages would look out for the children.

I would say the same thing about particular causes. It takes a village to help raise awareness, to help raise money, to provide leadership and mentorship. It takes a village, and we are grateful we are surrounded by amazing villagers in our community of Medicine Hat.

Our team tries to support the village as much as possible. We have restrictions (mainly financial, although time is also restricted) but that doesn’t mean we don’t support the leaders that are helping these causes. We know many of you out there may also be limited by time or financial resources, but want to help. What we say to that is that you can help. 

Share. Share on social media. Share with your team at monthly meetings. Share with your clients. Share at the family dinner table. Share your little hearts out!

Sharing is caring, and it is free to do (so are smiles so feel free to offer those up as much as possible too). You can easily share what is happening to raise awareness which, in turn, can lead to more donors and more villagers aware of community needs.

We tell our clients they should strive to be helpful with their social media. Sharing someone’s fundraising efforts or saying thanks through a social media post is a great way to contribute to your village. And if you have the means to donate some time or money, that is always welcome as well.

It takes a village. A village that builds people up and thanks them for their efforts.

Special Note: I’d like to offer a big thanks to some community leaders I’ve noticed in the past month doing their part to raise awareness for various organizations and contributing financially. Be sure to follow them and say thanks when you have a chance (heck feel free to share as well).

Thanks to: Kristine Russell (Rustic Pickle), Crystal Metz (Crystal Metz Insurance), Tara Williams (Medicine Hat College), McBride’s Bakery, Chris & Tracey Hellman (Mr. Lube), The Home Team, Corrie & David Dale (Duel it), Jayne Halladay, Kristi Sauter, Brandi Droeske and Brad Moch (Trilogy Mortgages), Kole Dalgleish (Red Velvet Hair and Body Bar).