I base a lot of what I do on instinct. I often can’t explain why, but there is a strong force that takes me towards certain things. I’ve had a business partner try and discount my instinct but after four years doing what I’ve been doing with tag and our clients, I know instinct has meant everything.

This week I flew to San Diego to attend the Social Media Marketing World Conference. Our marketing industry is always changing. I am aware of a lot of tools, but I wanted to drill into the tactics and learn from people making the Forbes list as top influencers or marketers. What I didn’t anticipate from this trip was receiving validation for my instinct.

Below are my three takeaways. All three are items I’ve shared with my tag team and our clients over the past four years, and I want to make sure I share them with you as well.

Dee’s top takeaways from Social Media Marketing World:

1. Be authentic – every single platform appreciates authenticity because authenticity creates engagement. Zucks himself is making decisions with his platforms to ensure that true connection is what starts to occur, it’s why some people are so upset about algorithms changing. But honestly, algorithms changing excites me because it means we are going back to a world I appreciate. Be 100% AUTHENTIC.

2. Be analytical – we do this with our clients by sharing monthly value statements, but I see how we can improve to provide even more value. You should not be posting for the sake of posting – you need to be analytical in EVERYTHING you do.

3. You don’t have to be on every platform, be where it counts – I have told many people this over the past four years and I will continue to emphasize this in my client conversations. You need to be exceptional at what you do, and if you try and stretch yourself too thin you won’t be, which means you won’t stand out. Select the social media platforms your audience is on, and the ones you will find joy from using.

I love talking about branding and social media marketing. If you are interested in hearing more about my time in San Diego, I’d like to share a few stories about the universal blessings placed beside me (literally right beside me) during my time there. I would also be happy to share a few industry hacks. Please feel free to reach out by emailing me at deanna@tagconcepts.ca.

I sure do love all of you that stuck through this post all the way. Thanks for being awesome.