in business, it is often hard to spend time working on your own business as you are busy serving your customers.  That’s why so many of us can connect to the old proverb about a shoemaker who was busy making shoes for his customers.  That crafty shoemaker was so busy keeping customers happy and giving them a premium product but forgot to care for his family in the same way, and they went shoeless.  The moral of the story is that we should not forget to care for ourselves and our loved ones. In our case, we shouldn’t forget about our own branding.

so it was time for tag to remember our loved ones (team) and build out our brand strategy. We’ve been living by specific values for the past four years, and we have been building up our services. We have a particular style of culture that we are proud of, and we wanted it represented in our brand. And we wanted people to have a better understanding of what beyond the brand means to us.

the task of branding ourselves was a unique one too me. I usually sit on the other side of the couch during client consults. I enjoy asking the questions and digging deeper to understand the client’s real needs and desires. But this time I had to try and sit back and determine what our needs and desires were for tag’s branding. What did I want to see communicated through our brand? How could we ensure our fun but professional side shined through?

i had some sleepless nights. I had a few anxiety attacks in regards to it. I truly lived through what many of our clients go through, the highs and lows of new brands or brand refreshes. In the words of a dear friend, I was “learning to get comfortable with discomfort.” It’s scary doing something new. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable can feel like a weakness but in reality, it is the most courageous thing you can do.

but there comes a time you need to step up and take that chance. You have to lead with your instincts, as long as you are fearless, not reckless. And with that, I am so happy to share our new brand with you.

Some of my favourite parts:

  1. We are showcasing what we do, which at times can be hard for others to understand.
  2. We highlight our five principle icons as laundry icons. These principles are at the heart of my business.
  3. We are having some playful fun with our Caution area which changes depending on what signs you see.
  4. We are showcasing the fact we are a co-work company.
  5. We are staying true to us, showing the importance of authenticity for both tag and our clients.

to each of you that have supported me through this journey with tag, I thank you so much. Kim, I love the concept you came up with and how you tweaked it to be “so us.” To our tag co-workers in our new space, you guys make my days so enjoyable and fulfilled. I can’t wait to see what comes next for all of us.

with love,