So we are about to say something bold here; we don’t always give our marketing clients what they want. Some may say it is crazy to admit that, but seriously, we don’t. We provide clients with what they need to get noticed with their marketing, AND THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.

When you go to Google and look up the difference between wants vs. needs, the following comes up:

In economics, the idea of survival is real, meaning someone would die without their needs being met. This includes things like food, water, and shelter. A want, in economics, is one step up in the order from needs and is simply something that people desire to have, that they may, or may not, be able to obtain.

How many times do you hear someone around you say “I need this.” It could be the latest Kate Spade bag they saw on a website (had to tempt you there with that link just in case you want to see the latest one). Maybe it’s knick-knacks from Homesense (hey no judgement, we love a good knick-knack). People, by nature, want a lot of things. But if they were to sit back and say “do I need this or do I want this” they would come to a conclusion that perhaps it’s a nice to have, but not a live or die survival item.

At tag, we evaluate our marketing client requests similarly, is this a want or a need. This is why we have our initial one hour consult with small businesses to determine if their first request is really what their business needs. We are mindful of your hard-earned dollars. We want to see you receive optimal results with your marketing dollars. Sometimes your wants can be done, but they may not be the most crucial item to maximize a return.

If you are thinking about what your business/marketing needs right now, think of how tag | Marketing Agency can be a part of that discussion.