Today, the one thing we can count on in the marketing industry is that things rarely stay the same for long. With so many social media platforms available, businesses have a number of ways to communicate with the world. The question is, which one to use and how to stay relevant (and authentic) when everyone is trying to do the same.

This is where we want to introduce the opportunity of gifs! Now, sound this out with us, G (as in Great), I (as in Interesting) and F (as in Fantastic)! People like Sven Williams believe the word should start with the hard “g” of guarantee. We’ve read several posts of individuals in favour of saying it like JIF, but GIF is thought to be an abbreviation for “graphics interchange format.” If that is the case, it should be pronounced with the hard “g” of graphics. Simple right! We thought so.

NOTE: If you are one that is pronouncing it JIF, skip to something here that we believe will entertain you other than this blog post.

Okay, getting back to explaining why we love gifs! Here are our top reasons why the tag team loves gifs and we belive they are something to pay attention to:

Shows your personality.

Oh, boy does it ever! Everyone on our team brings something different to our work, and everyone has their own unique personality. Take a look at our gifs and that is clearly reflected.

Engages your followers with your stories.

Mark Zuckerberg did not create stories for people to just be advertised to. He saw stories as an opportunity to connect people in a more authentic manner. This is where you can capture your walks in Manhattan. Or perhaps the home run you happened to catch on video at your son’s first All-Star game. This is where you can showcase your companies culture, your client work, your products and services. And stories tend to be easier for business owners to create than actual newsfeed posts which means it can save you time!

Stories are the new thing to get ahead of the competition.

Instagram (IG) stories continue to grow in popularity. Earlier this year IG stories had a daily user count of 500 million daily views per day which was up from 400 million just six months before. Now with Facebook and Instagram stories connected in a rather seamless manner, this number will continue to grow. So get on board and be an early adopter of both stories and gifs. And don’t get us started on the opportunities with SnapChat, especially if a younger demographic is your target market.

You become visible in ways that promote brand awareness.

Head over to hashtag #medhat on gifs in Instagram stories or on Snapchat. What you will find there are a lot of gifs of the tag team, but you will also find a Realtor, an Insurance Broker, a local sports team, and more! These are all free for the taking and your brand can be used on other’s stories which helps you increase your brand awareness. We set up the tags for you so you don’t have to worry about that but we consider a variety of items when adding you to our verified channel.

Let’s get giffy with it! We have a dedicated studio room at tag to record your gifs and our verified gif channel, as of today (October 7, 2019), has over 69 million views!

Do something different with your brand – you deserve to stand out!