Have you noticed negativity spreading like the plague on social media lately?

People are getting frustrated with social media, we hear it all the time. It has become a platform for hateful statements and unnecessary comments. It’s becoming a place where people forget the age-old adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Instead, you see individuals spew negative statements about their neighbour, their colleague, and most often someone they don’t personally know. It’s very easy for these individuals to make negative remarks sitting behind a keyboard, but would they say the same publicly on stage in front of thousands of people (including those they are speaking about).

It is because of these negativity outbreaks that many people are seeking refuge in platforms such as SnapChat where they can go and “snap” funny photos and have some silly fun. A contributor to Instagram’s popularity may be that you rarely see negative images or statements – it is typically a positive space to spend time in. But as businesses, we can’t just stick our head in the sand and ignore the fact that most of the other platforms connect with the client demographic you want to engage with. So how do we survive this when all we want to do is log off?

A good friend of ours (let’s call him “Analogy Ninja”) brought up something we want to share regarding ridding the world of negatives….. He used an analogy about batteries.

‘Batteries are both useful and powerful, and this is not because they exist without a negative side; rather because they accept the fact that negative is present and balance it with equal amounts of positive.’

So in this world – both online and in reality – we need to accept that it contains negative people, and we shouldn’t fight that fact. Instead, we should recognize that, collectively, we are most powerful when we accede to the fact that negativity will always be something we must contend with. We should balance out the negativity with our own positive interactions and forget about wasting our time and energy trying to convert the negative to the positive.

However, it also doesn’t hurt to Hide, Unfollow, or Unfriend those individuals that prefer the negative end. They won’t have a platform if we don’t give them one. And every chance you have, post something positive that is happening in your business or within your circle. This will drown out the negative if we have enough positive posts from good people such as yourselves.

If you are struggling with your communication strategy in your organization feel free to contact us. We are happy to sit down with you and discuss directions you could go to help you represent your brand and ensure everyone sees the good within your company.

Special thanks to Analogy Ninja (Trevor Moore) for always pulling analogies out of the air in no time at all. You will forever be one of the Good Hearts that we admire and respect for being positive and real.