For many, it feels as though we’re living in strange and uncertain times. With self-isolation, social distancing and efforts to help flatten the curve occurring, businesses are feeling the direct effects of COVID-19.  

What role do marketers play in a world where health, family and social responsibility come absolutely first? What can (and should) we be doing to assist businesses in the most effective and appropriate way possible?

Here are our top 4 ways marketers can adapt to the current situation. 


If your client has goods they could be selling and do not currently have an online option, set one up for them. 

This does not have to be a complicated or time consuming endeavour that requires hiring a web developer or purchasing expensive software. Some great options include Shopify (which is an incredibly simple and easy-to-use tool), while many websites such as Wix and Squarespace offer e-commerce options already built into their platforms. 

Ensure that you are choosing a website that fits your clients needs in both a capability and economic standpoint. Someone with little technological experience should not be given a more complicated interface to work with. Similarly, if shipping costs are triple what the product is worth, chances are sales will be low and you may need to discuss alternative options with your client.  

If your client is already selling online, review their site for deficiencies. Are there ways you could help simplify the process, improve the user experience, or streamline shipping or pick up options? At this time, only do so if this will bring immediate value to your client. 


Social Media 

Quality over quantity takes precedence more than ever right now. 

Social Media content, as well as posting frequency, should not be consistent with your marketing strategy from two weeks ago. Remove any scheduled posts and instead, do an analysis of current events  and dialogue. 

Take note of what changes are occurring each day and how the community is responding to them. Consider how this might impact your client, their employees, their industry, their supporters and their competitors as a whole, in order to create thoughtful and appropriate posts.. 

Assess how often you are putting out content and which platforms you are using to do so. The last thing anyone wants right now is to feel spammed by a business, or worse yet, that a company is completely oblivious to the current state of the world and posting for the sake of posting. 



Review your client’s existing advertising to ensure it is appropriate and applicable. Ask yourself, is this content still relevant, could it be misconstrued in any way, and does it still provide my client with maximum value or ROI?

Priorities have shifted significantly over the last few weeks and it is absolutely crucial to complete this audit. Use common sense when creating ads or newsletters for products or services that may or may not be essential right now. Also make sure to immediately remove any print or digital ads that may be taken the wrong way or seen as insensitive to the situation.



Take a few moments to self-reflect and consider if you are doing what you’re doing for the right reasons. 

This is the time for unity, community and support. We are all humans, including your clients and their customers need to see that. Be honest, be open, and be authentic. 

This is not the time to focus on creating an influx of meaningless posts, on building a massive audience of disconnected followers, and this is definitely not the time to take advantage of anyone. 

We are all experiencing hardship right now – physically,  emotionally and financially. Charging for unnecessary services, creating strategies that bring value only to you, or turning these life-changing current events into mindless, money making opportunities, is simply NOT OKAY. 


Now, more than ever, we need to step up as a community and support one another, personally and professionally.