The fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed over the last 50 years if we think about it. We need to know what we are marketing, why we are marketing it, who we are marketing to and why they would want it. What has changed, and at times quite drastically, how we market to “our Doris”.

Deanna Haysom, Owner and Creative Director of Tag Marketing Inc. shares with you what she believes is necessary, not only today during CO-VID19, but well into the future for how you marketing yourself and your business. She will share with you her thoughts on what you should do, but also what you shouldn’t do so that you are effective in your communications and campaigns.

Marketing is just story telling. We need to understand our story, know who wants to hear it, and then shout it from the mountain tops in a way that encourages the listener to want to know more of the story.

She spoke on the YXH Business Support Group through Facebook that tag started and APEX and Community Futures now run about How does COVID impact how you market your business? This is a recording from that day in April.