I love pizza. I really, really love pizza. 

Pizza night is one of my favourite nights. It’s one of my kid’s favourite nights. I know my puppy is especially excited for when she gets to watch a piece of pepperoni accidentally fall to the floor, scooping it up quicker than a seagull swooping around Tino’s.

But here’s the thing, I don’t want pizza every day. I don’t even want it every week. I especially don’t want it every week when it’s month after month after month. If I have pizza too often, I’m going to get sick of it and not want it anymore. 

What a sad day it would be when I wouldn’t want pizza anymore. 

Now, I hear some of you out there saying that you could literally eat pizza every single day and that it would be absolutely cheese-ilicous. I get it. And there are some people like you out there! But the reality is, even though there might be some of you that have that desire, you’re still the minority. As much as you love pizza and could devour it every day, most people can’t. 

Strangely, this is eerily similar to newsletters. 

Yes, you heard that right – pizza and newsletters are basically the same things.

I love newsletters. I love how they provide me with relevant and sometimes exciting updates or new information that I don’t have to Google myself now. When a newsletter arrives in my inbox, it gives me a chance to sit back and relax for a few minutes. I love reading about all kinds of things like local news, industry updates, feel-good stories, new products or discounts, and hopefully a funny anecdote or two. As I’m sure you do as well!

But here’s the thing, just like pizza, I don’t want a newsletter from the same company every day. I don’t most every week. I especially don’t want it every week when it’s month after month after month if it isn’t entertaining me, engaging me or educating me. If I receive a newsletter too often, I’m going to get sick of it or annoyed, and either mark it as spam or worse yet, hit the dreaded unsubscribe button.

Some of you could sit and read through every single word of every single newsletter every single day. That’s cool. However, most people can’t (and won’t). 

The ideal newsletter should be like pizza. It should come in a variety of flavours to fit different taste preferences, easily show up on your doorstep (but not too often), and provide a certain level of satisfaction. Keep in mind that newsletters should also be the right size. If I have 15 extra-large pizzas delivered to my house every week, I’m going to get sick of it (not to mention become sick from it) a lot quicker than if I only get to eat one slice. Entice your readers, make them want to come back, give them just enough to want more!    

Alright, this is getting long enough – I wouldn’t want to completely ignore my own advice here. Enjoy your pizza, enjoy your newsletters, maybe even try to enjoy your next newsletter while also enjoying pizza.