We know there are a plethora of options when it comes to “designers.” Today you can get a branding package for almost no cost at all when you search online. So why would you work with a local company such as tag when our fees will be more than $100?

What you receive from tag IS NOT a cookie-cutter logo. We spend the time and truly listen to our clients learning about who they are and what they aspire to be. We want their brand to be unique and special, just like them. We want their brand to be something they can grow with and develop out further when necessary.

We also participate in our community. We are parents. We volunteer on boards and committees. We give back. We shop locally. We are invested in you because without you, we can’t do the things we do.

What are the top 3 things you should consider when choosing a branding agency?

Here’s our list:

  1. Select a company that has the ability to understand your business. It’s easy to create pretty looking designs and brand identities.  However, pretty designs are frequently not the solution to your business problem.  Does the agency/designer you are working with have the ability to understand “Who your Doris is”, “What’s Your Story within your industry” and “What makes you the best damn ____ around”?  Will they lead their brainstorming and concept development with those things, or will they focus first on creating visually engaging and cutting edge design solutions?
  2. Evaluate what their level of creativity? We say it all the time. Cookie-cutter doesn’t work for us. If you are looking for cookie-cutter design, we are happy to refer you to some designers that excel in that world. 😉 But our team follows a different process with fresh new ideas for every client.
  3. Select an agency with a diverse group? Experience teaches us so much and the more people on a team, the better the results! Working off of our five principles at tag; courage, enchantment, permission, persistence and trust – our entire team brainstorms on each new client project. This brings great value to our concept creations because each of us has different experiences and those experiences lead us in our conversations for clients.

And of course, doing your research and reviewing their client list or testimonials will help you immensely when selecting a branding agency. At tag, we like to provide prospective clients with a phone number to a past client who had similar services completed to help explain the process we went through. We can definitely share it with them, but a past client can explain it in a different way that often provides comfort for the prospective client.

So we aren’t the company that is bidding on $100 contests to try to win your business. What we are, the company that will bring something to life for you that you never knew you wanted. We are the company that will help promote you to our friends, our family, and the community at large. 

Never hesitate to contact us to see what we could possibly do for you. We will always take things beyond the brand.