our co-workspace

tag is a community-driven co-work company in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Our tag co-workspace is designed to inspire and support your individual and collaborative projects.

Our co-workspace is a collective group of entrepreneurial spirit individuals,  risk-takers, and business champions. We believe in working together, supporting each other, and building off of each individual’s experiences and expertise. We are better together and we want each person within the tag co-workspace to be supportive and see the value in being connected to like-minded individuals who go through the same entrepreneurial struggles.

We’ve created the right conditions and you may be our next “co-worker.” Fill out our co-work application and we will review and contact you.

Culture is very important to us at tag so every co-worker candidate is interviewed to ensure that we can build out a culture that fits our tag brand.


Find out more about this Co-Workspace in Medicine Hat, Alberta by connecting with us.

flex co-worker

If you want a space to collect your thoughts to work on creative ideas or strategy for your business, flex co-work is for you. Very low commitment. 24/7 access. No more having to use Wi-Fi from the coffee shop. Just come in, grab a table or chair and get busy. You'll also have access to our private meeting room for a first-come-first-served calendar.


dedicated co-worker

With this level, you get a workspace all your own! Bring in your desk toys. Yes, this is your workspace. Go ahead and bring your Medalta coffee mug and any other nostalgic piece you value to bring in to make tag feel like home. Come plug in and get to work. You'll also have access to our private meeting room for a first-come-first-served calendar.


tag mentorship co-worker

Are you starting your career in design or communications? We have a tag mentorship co-worker membership available to assist you in learning the industry and help you develop your craft. We want to help you learn and develop to become the best you can be. Enjoy the space 24/7 and drink all the coffee and soda water you can handle!


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Please fill out our co-work application for your opportunity to let us know why you think you’d be a great fit. Successful applicants will receive a call within 48 hours of filling out the form.