I believe Tag saved my business.
I believe that Tag Concepts saved my business. I had reached a point where I was afraid of things. The very idea of change made me afraid of being criticized. After months of languishing, I finally scheduled a meeting with Deanna. The meeting was solace for me and these fears. She spoke of similar experiences, gave me positive feedback on the ideas I had, and immediately offered fabulous ideas of her own. When my rebrand was presented to me, I was so inspired by what her team at Tag had created. In the presentation of my newly finished brand, Deanna read an excerpt from a book and suggested it as my next read. Which I did. My choice of quote from the book ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, “It ain’t what they call you; it’s what you answer to.”, reminds me that I am, and always was, Yoke X Hem, even by a different name. Trust them to help you find YOU in your marketing needs.