Marketing Coach

Our team at Tag Marketing Inc. in Medicine Hat prides itself on the ability to help our clients with their marketing goals. We are your outsourced marketing team. With a group of talented marketers who have spent years mastering their craft, you will know your needs are cared for through tag. Our industry is constantly changing, it is the one thing we know for sure, so that means we stay on top of trends by attending conferences, participating in webinars, listening to podcasts and reviewing blogs.

With the tag team, you will have a group of individuals that will work together to develop out a marketing strategy for your small to mid-sized business. We will then be your marketing coach who will guide you on how to implement the strategy. We then can put you on a monthly service package that allows us to analyze your efforts each month so that you can learn what is working and change what is not.

Don’t throw things at a dartboard hoping they’ll stick – be concise in your efforts and aim for the bullseye!

Social Strategy

Using an objective-first approach, our team will develop and implement a robust social strategy to help you reach your goals by showing why you’re “the best damn banana bread” to receive an ROI. We create platform-specific content to ensure the best results. You are then trained on how to implement.

Monthly Coaching

We will assign one of our Senior Marketing Strategists to work with you monthly. They will ensure you are pointed in the right direction by having you follow the marketing strategy that we would create and train you on. You will have a monthly call and then a coach that will follow your progress on a weekly basis to ensure you are on the right track!

Growth & Awareness

Looking to grow your sales using the latest growth strategies? Looking for more awareness through influencer marketing, collaborations or a PR push? We’ll start with your story, determine your Doris and help you showcase why you’re the best damn ____ around!

Marketing & Communications

Communications. It is crucial for us to help our clients manage their marketing and communication strategies in a way that they will get noticed. It's imperative to create content that is engaging. Search our portfolio below to see some of the ad campaigns we've developed. Our team has had the good fortune to work with a wide variety of clients including restaurants, professional service providers such as Insurance Agencies, Software Companies, Business Consultants, Hair Salons and more. No matter what industry you are in, we will work hard to create a marketing and communication strategy that gets you noticed.