APEX Alberta gets a refreshed brand and podcast

APEX Alberta gets a refreshed brand and podcast

COVID-19 wasn’t all bad for our team at tag. It was through COVID that Deanna was connected to Sandra Milne, Coordinator for the Regional Innovation Network at Community Futures Entre-Corp. Before COVID Sandra and Dee had only met once at a Women in Business Event. Then COVID struck and the two were seeing each other on every other Zoom meeting. Through that time it gave Dee a lot of opportunities to learn a great amount about Sandra and APEX Alberta. So when Sandra asked if there was anything we could do to help with their brand and getting the message out there about what they do, Dee said “Challenge accepted” with zero hesitation!

APEX Alberta – Guidance that Gets You.

APEX helps businesses in the tech and innovation sector start, grow and innovate. BUT, we felt like the start, grow and innovate really didn’t help people understand what they did. The thing is, in the tech sector people have some pretty crazy cool ideas but when they try to explain it to someone that they need their help from, they can be left with a blank stare. It can be frustrating, but it is the reality. But then we have APEX who is built with leadership that can take someone beyond that blank stare! APEX is built with individuals who have the education and the experience to help businesses in the tech sector succeed. We wanted to showcase that and that is where we drew on the inspiration for this campaign.

Beyond the blank stare!APEX Alberta Beyond the Blank Stare

When you work with Sandra Milne, and the rest of the team at APEX Alberta, you’ll be sure to not see a blank stare on their face after you explain your crazy cool idea! This team is passionate about our community, about the tech sector, and about growing both!

If you are in the tech sector in Southern Alberta, then we encourage you to connect with APEX – you’ll find simplified support for your business in tech.