Breaking Down Barriers

Breaking Down Barriers

tag has the good fortune to work with the crew at Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre (FLC) and we have for the past few years. We have had the opportunity to create them a new brand, design new interior signage, create a strategic digital marketing strategy and implement it and most recently create their new interactive design campaign called Breaking Down Barriers. This campaign utilizes print and Snapchat to promote the various programs and services that the City provides that help makes physical activity accessible with fewer barriers.

We knew that there were several barriers that could prevent one from being physically active. It could be a mental barrier of feeling they aren’t good enough to participate in a sport. Or it could be a financial barrier due to many activities costing more than a lower-income family can afford. It could be a physical barrier that prevents access to spaces. Whatever the barrier, the team at the FLC also knew that Everyone Deserves Play. With all of that in mind, our tag team worked on developing out a campaign that utilizes Snapchat to allow people to “feel” the campaign. Seeing an individual on one side of a concrete wall, and hearing the sounds of what happens on the other side showcases how many may feel when they can’t access facilities and play. Showing the wall come down and then showcasing people at play right within the FLC helps depict the fact that the City is focused on breaking down barriers so that everyone can access play.

“The first time I watched this campaign come to life I was overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn’t help but think of that child who is watching everyone have fun but can’t join in due to his/her own personal barrier, whatever that may be. I choked up and my eyes filled with tears. It was at that moment that I knew this campaign was something different.” ~ Dee

Visit the FLC and interact with the various posters that surround the building. Each poster showcases something different. If you need help to understand how Snapchat allows you to see something different, right on your phone, don’t be afraid to ask!

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