Brost Developments

Brost Developments

The Brost team connected with Tag early 2018 to chat about their company and some of the things they were working on. One of the things that immediately struck Deanna about the owners at Brost was how crucial it was to them to ensure they were always innovative in everything they did. She knew several builders believed in innovation, but the approach the Brost team had seemed unique.

Dee couldn’t help but think of a favourite tv show; This is Us when brainstorming about this┬ácompany. “The Life Cycle” that you see on the show reminded her of the life cycle that Brost has with many of their homeowners. They are working with people in various seasons of their life. And so, the Build Forward campaign concept was created, and our Senior Designer brought it to life for Dee to present.

Build Forward fit so well for the value system that Brost Developments has in business, but also for the homeowners building with Brost. An individual may move into their first Brost home (The Essentials) before starting a family and then as their married life begins and their needs expand, The Upgrade and Dream Home become the next steps for many. There are so many variables in life and so many options for each of those variables. The Brost team was on board with this approach and gave us the go-ahead to “build forward.”

We are thrilled with this brand refresh and how fresh it is. We look forward to watching Brost Developments Build Forward for many more years.

Congratulations Gerhard and Hilma, Aaron and Sherry & Tim and Jenna Brost on this fresh new look – we feel honoured you chose to work with our Tag team.

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