Crystal Metz Insurance Agency

Crystal Metz Insurance Agency

Crystal Metz Insurance Agency was in the process of moving to a new location. We decided to help her move with an extra splash.

Crystal had a vision of mid-century themed office space. We wanted to provide her with a brand that would reflect her vision. We also wanted to allow her to have some flexibility with her new brand. We created both a full logo with her name and one with her new icon and CM, lots to grow with!

We loved working with the Crystal Metz team and we are bewitched over her new brand!

We are fortunate to be an extension of Crystal’s team working on a variety of projects that she dreams up. Crystal is a business owner that we continue to grow more respect for over the years. She’s engaged, she’s intuitive, and she’s always learning. Thank you, Crystal, for making our team an extension of yours.

  • CLIENT Crystal Metz Insurance Agency
  • SERVICE Brand Development
  • LINK https://medhatinsurance.com