Delmar Photography

Delmar Photography

We love when we meet sweet genuine people. The ones who you feel an instant connection to and you want to see so much good come their way.

Adam of Delmar Photography fits that description to a tee (speaking of tees, he’s usually in a baseball or Oilers tee)… Sorry, where were we.

We loved working on developing out the strategy for Adam and his wife Kim with the new brand. Adam’s middle name is Delmar, which was also his grandfather’s name. We noticed when we looked at his portfolio that it seemed he had a keen eye for “The Middle Moments” – you know, those moments during a photoshoot when no one realizes the photographer is still shooting and it’s in those moments that the magic appears in the camera. We felt that his middle name, paired with “Middle Moments Captured” just made sense for Adam.

Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter and visit his website to learn more about why we chose the name Delmar and how it connects to Middle Moments and his bohemian style.

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