FLC | Family Leisure Centre

FLC | Family Leisure Centre

November 2016 the team at the Family Leisure Centre in Medicine Hat was recognizing they had a brand new facility, with so much more to offer, but didn’t know what they should do to promote themselves to the community. Spending a short period of time there we saw how large the transformation was to this building and we knew we had to find a way for people to understand that there was something there for everyone.

Fast forward to September 2018 and the team at the FLC officially launched their new brand and campaign that focuses on “What’s Happening Now!” with a 2ndary message that there is Something Here for Everyone. Even though those two messages seem so obvious, we decided it was the best way to connect with such a wide variety of people/ages/backgrounds that potentially could visit the FLC (Family Leisure Centre).

The FLC is such a gem in Medicine Hat. If you take some time and observe while you are there, you will quickly see how it is its own little village. There are all ages from newborn to 90-year-olds, and often you see them doing activities together (like swimming, playing in the gym, participating in a nerf gun war or walking the overhead track). Seeing people come together for various activities and connect, it reminds you of the beauty of connecting in-person rather than behind the screen.

We showcased the facility and people in the new brand and campaign. We are so happy that the leadership at the FLC appreciated the vision and gave us the go-ahead to move forward.

Be sure to visit the FLC and learn more about What’s Happening Now and how there is something there for everyone.

Photo credit: Justin Quinton

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