Framing and Art Centre | Frame your Experience

Framing and Art Centre | Frame your Experience

Jan and Bruce Dynes have owned Framing and Art Centre in Medicine Hat for forty years. They reached out to our team earlier in 2019 as they wanted to find a way to celebrate their fortieth anniversary. We discussed many aspects of their business, as well as aspects of marketing. We landed on building a visual campaign that would connect to a younger demographic as well as their existing clientele base.

This location has so much to offer our city. The campaign came to us immediately, Frame your Experience. We recognized that everything worth framing today comes from an experience that we’ve had. Whether it was a photo from a vacation abroad, special tickets from a once in a lifetime concert, or photos of your family – all are experiences that are worth capturing in a frame.

Framing and Art Centre has over 40 years of experience. What that means is they will understand how to frame your experiences in a manner that will highlight those special moments in a manner that you will treasure forever. This was something we wanted to have shine through in our campaign and our marketing strategy.

Be sure to visit the Framing and Arts Centre in downtown Medicine Hat. You will not be disappointed.

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  • LINK http://medhat.framingartcentre.ca/