Jayne Halladay Mortgage Broker with Trilogy Mortgage

Jayne Halladay Mortgage Broker with Trilogy Mortgage

The tag team worked with Jayne Halladay a few years back when we developed a brand for her. We also had the pleasure of working with Jayne on a variety of marketing strategies and digital content over the years. In early 2020 Jayne connected with us as she wanted to create a website that would showcase what she does as a Mortgage Broker.

Jayne has a natural aptitude for marketing and enjoys aspects of it. That meant she knew what she wanted and she just required our team to help get her there. We developed her website through a platform called Squarespace and we helped her highlight the various moments in one’s life that require different strategies for a mortgage. This included a page for a new home buyer, one for an individual going through a divorce, a dedicated page for someone building a home, and more. She had new photography done to help match the style of her website and we selected stock photography that resembled the clientele she works with.


Jayne Halladay Mortgage Broker Trilogy Mortgage

Working with a business owner that has a clear vision of his or her objectives is always refreshing.

We appreciate Jayne’s strengths and we are so happy to be a part of her marketing team.



I have worked with Jayne for almost twenty years in different roles. When we first met we were waitresses together during our post-secondary years. Then a few years later we worked as Marketing Coordinators together for a  large developer. Now I have the pleasure to work with Jayne through tag with her as a client. One thing remains the same in every situation; Jayne always strives to be the best at everything she does and she loves surrounding herself with people that challenge her, and at the same time make her laugh (or cackle). I feel blessed to have so many years under my belt with her and I look forward to many more. ~ Dee

Learn more about Jayne’s services by visiting her new website! We’d love to hear your thoughts, and more importantly, we’d love for you to work with her.


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