Jennifer Ellard Realtor

Jennifer Ellard Realtor

We met Jennifer Ellard in early 2020. We fell in love instantly. She loves flowers. She was a “military brat”. She moved to Western Canada for love. She saw all the beauty in our city. How could we not love Jenn?

Jenn required some branding and website work so we got started. We built her brand out to connect with the target market she was hoping to connect with. We also wanted her brand to connect to her because, well, we believe in authentic brands (we know you’ve heard that a few times from us).

We hope you love Jenn’s brand as much as she does! And go check out her website to learn more about this beautiful soul.

  • CLIENT Jenn Ellard Realtor
  • SERVICE Branding & Website
  • LINK https://www.lifeinthehat.ca/