Les Postnikoff | Mindset Mentor

Les Postnikoff | Mindset Mentor

the tag team was fortunate to be selected by Les and Dawn Postnikoff to tackle a branding project for Les. This project was very near and dear to me (Dee) as I recently visited the Postnikoff’s on Vancouver Island and experienced first-hand how Les helps business owners take the next step in their business.

Les is not a typical “coach” or “business advisor”. No, Les is so much more. He has a very holistic approach with his clients taking us through a process of recognizing how our mind/body/soul needs to be connected for you to see your purpose and discover where you can grow. Les has a variety of tools he can use, but not every tool comes out with every client as there is no cookie-cutter approach to helping business owners or leaders grow. His office has a library of well-read books that he’s accumulated over years of being a business executive and owner himself and he utilizes various teachings from books when he recognizes you can benefit from them.

When I was with Les my day started early in the morning with hikes and walks near the ocean to help both my body and soul. It was a way to breathe. To take a moment to connect with mother nature. To reflect. It was also a perfect way to prepare me for the next part of the day, my time in the Transformation Room. It was here where Les would guide me through several conversations that had me accept where I had been and see where that experience would lead me. He ensured I took responsibility for decisions made in the past, but also helped me understand that it was time to grow, to move on. He shifted my mindset – hence, he became my Mindset Mentor.

Les shared stories about others that he helped in a similar way, shifting their thinking to be focused on all the things they should be focused on. It was my experience with Les, and the stories of others that made me realize the title of Mindset Mentor was ideal for Les. The other standard words used in his industry just didn’t seem to do him justice, and so, Les Postnikoff Mindset Mentor was built out.

With Les’ brand, we wanted it to be 100% authentic. We knew it had to have a bit of a traditional look, but with a modern spin. We did this through our font selection and the supplemental graphics we chose. April designed an icon that looked like an open book because of Les’ extensive library. We had Les write the tagline we selected for him in his handwriting because we felt it connected to the traditional side, but also highlights that when you are with Les you will do a lot of writing through journaling and note-taking.

Our team is so pleased Les and Dawn loved the new brand and I hope this brand helps him grow as much as he has helped me grow. Thank you, Les, for the years of support and the continued guidance you provide me.

Reach out to Les if you are interested in learning more about his approach and how he could help you take your business to the next level. He can be reached at les@lespostnikoff.com.


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