Medicine Hat Christian School

Medicine Hat Christian School

The Marketing Committee of Medicine Hat Christian School scheduled a consultation with our team in the spring of 2019. The hope of the committee was to determine how to market their school to the individuals that would find the values and teachings would be of interest to their family.

In reviewing their brand and where they were going, our team felt refreshing their logo would be an excellent first step in the transformation. We are showing the initial logo we analyzed in length as we did not want this refresh to take them away from where they had been completely.

To truly understand the culture within the school Deanna asked the school if there could be a classroom project for each grade. Each student had the opportunity to draw a picture or write a story about what MHCS meant to them. The assignments that came back were insightful and helped guide our team in our process of determining the direction we wanted to present to the marketing committee.

After approvals were granted Deanna had the opportunity to present the new brand. She presented to the student body and parents on the last day of school assembly in June. Here she showed drawings that helped inspire us and read student stories. This process helped the students understand the importance of their school’s culture.

We can’t wait to see this brand on student hoodies and t-shirts. We are blessed to have worked on this transformation for Medicine Hat Christian School and are grateful to the families that included us.

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