Spira Clean Data Campaign

Spira Clean Data Campaign

Tag has worked with Spira Data since the fall of 2019. We have been a part of their marketing team and our team members help them communicate what they do to their target audience. One thing that we felt was always a challenge is to showcase what they do in a simple way that others could understand. Often when a person hears the term Software, their eyes start to glaze over and they start thinking about anything other than the topic at hand.

So we started to brainstorm as a team to create the Spira Clean Data Campaign. Thinking back to the games we played as kids, we reminisced to those birthday circles where one person would start with a sentence and whisper it into the other’s ear beside them, and so on and so forth until it got to the last person who would have to say what he or she heard. 99% of the time, what that last person said out loud is different than what the first person said. This visual helped us see how Spira helps their clients through their software – they help keep the client’s data clean as it is from the source.

We had a lot of fun with this campaign and we look forward to watching it come to life in their sales flow.

If you want more information on how Spira could potentially help you in your sector to help you save time and money, visit their website and schedule a FREE DEMO. And be sure to say hi to our friend Jeremy Thompson who is our point of contact at Spira!

Spira. Clean Data.

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