tag gifs for your enjoyment.

tag gifs for your enjoyment.

our team had a supreme Universal blessing granted on April 1st. It was during our Grand Opening and a stranger joined the private function in the back of our new Co-workspace. Dee noticed the blonde observing the magic of Trevor Moore and wasn’t sure who she was. Turns out that this gal was going to be tag’s next hire and she was also the person Dee had been looking for but didn’t know where to find him/her!

Bailey is that young blonde stranger who is now our Interactive Designer. Her amazing talents have allowed our creative juices to work at high gear. We no longer feel limited to what we can do as she has been able to bring so many projects to life in the manner we had always dreamed of. We can now offer Snapchat filters, augmented reality campaigns, digital illustrations, gifs and animated video.

We are so proud of the work Bailey has done thus far for our clients and we can’t wait to see where our story with Bailey takes us!