The Mezz and Heritage Events Inside the Beveridge

The Mezz and Heritage Events Inside the Beveridge

Our tag team was thrilled to connect with Danielle and Don Dempster earlier in 2020 in regards to a venture they were a part of with partners inside the Beveridge building in Medicine Hat, Alberta. They were involved in that building with The 1911 Lounge and they were coming to us as they were expanding their offerings in the building to now have a 2nd restaurant on the main floor and mezzanine and they would also be the offering an event planning company for the ballroom on the top floor. The challenge they were presenting to us – create a brand for two new ventures, build out a website that showcases all three locations in the building, and develop a marketing strategy to bring everything together.

tag accepts the challenge!

In brainstorming for the restaurant, Deanna Haysom felt the staircase and mezzanine needed to be the focus of the new restaurant brand. Both of these elements in the space are so unique and are items that the community embraced when the building first opened. We decided to pitch the name The Mezz Bar & Eatery and our designer worked hard to bring the staircase design into the M of The Mezz. We also added elements in the build-out to reflect steps and, of course, the tagline of A Step Above not only speaks to the quality of service and food but also pays homage to the staircase itself!

Next, we had to work on a name and brand for their event planning company. With that, we decided to draw inspiration from the building, the quality of service they would offer, and the ballroom space.

Heritage Events was born from all of those items listed. We felt the name Heritage connected with this historical building located downtown Medicine Hat, but also to the quality of service we reminisce about from those early days where the storekeeper knew everything about his customer and always ensured to cater to their needs. The tagline connected to both the company and the building. The icon designed is a true reflection of the design in the ceiling tiles inside the Ballroom on the third floor. And the colour connected to the palette we were asked to work with through The 1911 Lounge brand and The Mezz brand. It all came together nicely.

Once the names and brands were developed, we worked on their website. Here we wanted to create one website so the ownership group would not have a lot of extra costs associated to hosting, and so that the website could act as a cross-promotions site as many of the customers for The 1911 Lounge would also enjoy time spent in The Mezz who could also want to host an event in Heritage Events. We decided to call the website Inside the Beveridge. This allowed the brands to shine as the stars but still showcased this beautiful building that people love to visit.

The Mezz and Heritage Events Inside the Beveridge, along with The 1911 Lounge will all be locations in Medicine Hat, Alberta that you will enjoy frequenting. We know you will love them all. And if you are there and want to connect with our team about branding, marketing, websites or social media – we’re just down the road above the Olive Tap!

  • CLIENT The Mezz Bar & Eatery, Heritage Events
  • SERVICE Branding, Website, Communication Strategy
  • LINK https://thebeveridge.ca/