We Are All Prairie Rose | Print meets Interactive Design

We Are All Prairie Rose | Print meets Interactive Design

Prairie Rose School Division encompasses a large geographical area in southeastern Alberta. Their goals are to focus on learning, leadership and relationships (LLR).

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In the late spring of 2019, Prairie Rose started conversations with our team about creating something that would help them promote some of their academies, but also would show the diversity of the division. Our team went to work with our two young Summer Students to discuss the goals and brainstorm on what we could do to create a campaign that would get noticed and create comradery. We thought this was a great campaign to start April and Bailey off on since there were several elements necessary.

A large segment of the population we wanted to speak were 13+, so we decided to create a campaign that utilized Snapchat as the main form of marketing. We believed highlighting all the different aspects of the division through a print campaign, but then pairing interactive design through Snapchat would allow us to raise awareness and encourage engagement. The best part about it all, we could track the engagement through Snapchat to determine the campaigns overall effectiveness.

We love the fun illustrations that Bailey created and the layout that April focused on for the print materials. Having the students engaged in this project gave them a great understanding on how to work with client goals, build out concepts by focusing on progress before perfection, and create a campaign that stands out and engages the audience we are trying to speak to. Thank you to Prairie Rose for allowing us to be a part of this fun project!

Scan the Snapcodes on the image here and then direct your phone to the image to see this all come to life! If you aren’t sure how this works, give us a call (or go find a 13-year-old, they’ll help you out) either way, you’ll be well taken care of.


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