Welltraxx is Well Connected to their clients.

Welltraxx is Well Connected to their clients.

From the moment Dee met Kris Bower and Casey Ziegler of Welltraxx, she knew the tag team was going to enjoy working with this crew. Their down to earth attitudes and Saskatchewan roots align perfectly with our desire to find clients that believe in our five principles and like to have fun.

Welltraxx was not a new company; they had been around for coming up to ten years when we first met. They were good at what they did. They looked very professional in their online presence. But they were missing one thing; they weren’t telling their story enough in a way that would resonate with the audience they wanted to connect with. The photos they used were stock photos. The content they had was a bit more corporate. And their team, well we didn’t see them in their communications. But Welltraxx was doing so many things ‘well’ (see what we did there). 🙂

“So Welltraxx,” said Dee. “Seems like you are connected to your clients. Perhaps we remind people that you are “Well Connected.”

I think it was at this time that Casey’s mouth dropped open, he looked at Kris, and they each gave each that look(the one that business partners can give after ten years together). It was the ‘Why didn’t we think of that’ look. And with that, the campaign naturally rolled out in a manner that felt very authentic to the Welltraxx leadership and team as well as to their clients they serve.


Welltraxx is an innovative software and administrative support company that assists landowners, rural municipalities and Alberta Metis Settlements in managing their wells. They are here to help their clients stay well connected. And they are cool guys with Saskatchewan roots; you should seriously check them out by visiting their site.

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