Yoke X Hem

Yoke X Hem

Katie Peckham of Yoke X Hem (formerly Labels for Women) connected with our team in the summer of 2018 in regards to her idea for a rebrand. She had a new name in mind and when she shared “the why” we were thrilled to get started.

Katie believes in customizing the experience for clients and the new name lent well for that customization. If I have to size up on the bottom half, she will Yoke the waist. If a top is almost perfect but needs to be shortened, she’ll Hem it. Taking her designer clothes to the next level helps her clients in a very real way to ensure every item is made perfectly for them.

Katie also believes highly in supporting other retailers so we expanded on that with a Shop YXH icon and designed out a special map for her recommend other locations if she doesn’t have the right item for her shoppers.

Everything about our experience with Katie was magical. She had an amazing idea for a name and she trusted us enough to take the idea and run with it. She’s our first client to say “I love it” in the first 15 seconds of presenting the concept and it just got better from there!

Congratulations Katie on Yoke X Hem. Thank you for including our Tag team in the process.

  • CLIENT Yoke X Hem
  • SERVICE Branding & Website & Communication Strategy
  • LINK yokexhem.ca