our team

say hello to the tag team.

This Is Kim


Cool composure, chill lifestyle, kick-ass ideas.  Kim is one cool collective designer that believes in simplicity.

Having the freedom to work from anywhere gives Kim the ability always to find inspiration.

Drinking cold teas, enjoying the occasional carrot cake slice and spontaneous trips to the mountains isn’t bad for inspiration either. 100% authentic.

This Is Kristine


Embrace new opportunities and kick butt. Kristine has no problem with taking a challenge head-on and making it look easy. She is a business owner and has worked hard at learning everything she can about the digital world. Kristine handles most of our digital communications for clients and enjoys the ever-changing world that social media brings her in a 100% authentic manner.

This Is Jimmy


What’s next? Growing up this was a question that Jimmy often asked as he grew up in a military family and moved frequently.

With tag, he can ask the same question. What will be the next thing we have this young man do?!

Organized. Experienced. Adventurous. Authentic. – And repeat.

This Is Rachel


Rachel is a bundle of positive energy.

She may be the youngest on our team but she is wise beyond her years. With an innate curiosity for humans, she knows more at (insert age guess here) than many understand in their 80’s.

You’ll enjoy getting to know this curious gal and she’ll enjoy keeping you on your toes. Can’t get more authentic than Rachel!

This Is Deanna


When the team was asked to describe me (oh hey, it’s Dee here), this is what they said:

Deanna loves what she does and the people that work with her.

She is a connector who seeks out opportunities to create collaborations for both tag and her clients. A team-builder along the lines of Red Auerbach, she seeks bright people with great ideas and puts them in the same room.

The result is always bigger ideas, a successful team and happy clients. She is also partial to wearing toques, flip-flops and worn denim. Just saying.


That team that you see above, they are pretty awesome peeps. I couldn’t do what I do without their focus and creative minds. They love our clients as much as I do. I hope you have a chance to work with them; it is the best experience I’ve had in my 20-year career.

~ Dee

Social Media Marketing Society Member
Just like that little tag on your t-shirt, our tag team has our list of ingredients (or services), and we like to define the smallest details important in the development of your project.  To capture the details we approach every client project in the same manner:
  1. Start with a conversation.
  2. Next is the consult.
  3. Prepares a detailed proposal outlining the direction for the project, the timelines for completion, and we include the pesky dollars/cents.
  4. You review, you get excited, and you sign off.
  5. We have fun together and create Big Magic!
We like to keep things clean, simple and 100% AUTHENTIC.


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Strategic Communications
Business Consulting
Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Management
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