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What to look for in a branding agency.

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What should you consider when you are looking to brand your new business or go through a brand refresh? We help you evaluate a few


Get what you need for marketing.

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So we are about to say something bold here; we don’t always give our marketing clients what they want. Some may say it is crazy


our journey.

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in business, it is often hard to spend time working on your own business as you are busy serving your customers.  That’s why so many


Don’t go changing your brand on a whim.

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I remember the day a brand meant something completely different to me. I grew up on a farm in Southern Saskatchewan, a brand was a


Our brand connected us to our roots

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From the beginning, tag created way more than I ever anticipated. They produced much more than a logo and a website; they created an entire

Tag created the brand for SHINE Esthetics STudio

A leap of faith that made her Shine

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This is a guest post from one of our clients, Robyn Emms of Shine Esthetics Studio: Last fall, I decided to take a leap and